ART BASEL MUWKONAGO (2014) was a holiday-themed exhibition curated by Sean J Patrick Carney at Bahamas Biennale Gallery in Muwkonago, WI that opened the same week as Art Basel Miami and the myriad satellite art fairs in Miami, FL. Unaffiliated in any capacity with the actual Art Basel, the exhibition featured dozens of artists from across the United States and beyond. 

Participating artists included: Andrea Arrubla / Andrew Birk / Michael Bussell / Taj Bourgeois / Courtney Childress / Melissa Eder / Seth David Friedman / Daniel J Glendening / Matthew Scott Gualco / JP Huckins / Paul John / Betty T Kao / Joe Kay / Bradford Kessler / Aaron James Kuhn / Joshua Lawson / Noah Lyon / Steven M Markow / Dylan Neuwirth / Giovanna Olmos / Ari Richter / Chloé Rossetti / Regina Ruff / Audrey Ryan / Alex Savage / Ilana Savdie / Jo Shane / Andrew Shuta / PC Smit / Oliver Sydello / Niki Tiphticoglou / Michael Welsh / Stephen Wuensch / Jenifer Yeuroukis