BHQFUTV (2015)

BHQFUTV was a live talk show presented at the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival in Chicago, IL, curated by Jesse Malmed. Guests included: Jessica Campbell, Rachel Hyman, Leo Kaplan and Beverly Fre$h.

The Live to Tape Artist Television Festival was a week-long celebration of artists using and misusing television as material, as form, as inspiration and as antagonist. Supported through the Links Hall Artistic Associates Curatorial Fellowship, Live to Tape featured seven days of Prime Time (new works), Reruns (historical works), one of a kind Talk Shows, psychedelic cartoons, cable excess, and ecstatic static in May of 2015. Live to Tape asks artists—performers, writers, moving image makers—to produce, reproduce and explode television for a live studio audience. Watch as a new generation channels and resets notions of the surf, the stream and the idiot box. They catch phrases and dodge signals, radicalizing and re-envisioning the frequencies.