1. Go and Get a Job (So You Can Burn that Mother Down)

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  2. Getting Good Marx

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  3. Unite For the Sake of Overthrowing the Power Regime

  4. Money Kills Us All

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  5. You Can't Sell Your Soul to the Devil if You Don't Believe in Him or Money

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  6. Capitalism Will Burn (Instrumental)

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  7. Earth to Earth_ You Guys Are Greedy and Dumb

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  8. Death of a Sales-Anybody

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  9. Damien Hirst is What's Wrong with Art Today

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BLACK CRIMSON (2009) was a fictional Marxist-leaning punk band from Umeå, Sweden whose history and catalogue I discussed on an episode of Art Talk AM on KPSU radio in December of 2008. Their story was developed as a pardoy of the real Swedish punk band The Refused. Appearing on the episode as Tanner Dobson and interviewed by artist Cyrus W. Smith, I discussed the band's historical arc and eventual implosion as they were unable to rectify their financial success with their staunch political ideals. All songs were written and recorded hastily in the days leading up to the interview.

The image used for BLACK CRIMSON is a photograph of the band X-Ray Spex.  

You can listen to the full one-hour program here

The history that I developed included several albums from which selections were played. 

"Go and Get a Job (So You Can Burn that Mother Down)" from the album BURN

BLACK CRIMSON's first record, primarily influenced by straightforward punk rock. Every song on the record included the word "burn" in the title. 

"Getting Good Marx" from the album LITERATURE IS OUR GREATEST WEAPON.

Their second record found them exploring radical texts in their lyrics and criticizing power institutions/structures. 

"Unite for the Sake of Overthrowing the Power Regime" and "Money Kills us All" from the album SHORT AND TO THE POINT

Becoming interested in grindcore music, the band released a full album of material that clocked in at under ten minutes. 

"Capitalism will Burn (Instrumental)" and "You Can't Sell Your Soul to the Devil (If You Don't Believe in Him or Money)" from the album MARXPERIMENTAL

On their fourth album, BLACK CRIMSON began to experiment with longer and more complex compositions, the introduction of keyboards, and considerably slower drum patterns programmed by bassist Eric Lindstrom after the departure of drummer Ivan Kresgen.

"Earth to Earth: You Guys are Greedy & Dumb" from the album SOCIALIST DANCE PARTY

The final album that BLACK CRIMSON would release with most of its original line-up. 

"Damien Hirst is What is Wrong with Art Today" and "Death of a Sales-Anybody" from the album MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOODLINES

Considered by many fans to be their worst and poppiest album, MSABAF took influence from more dance-oriented punk and post-punk bands. It was recorded by lead singer Jonas Kristoferson with session musicians after the rest of the band either quit or was fired.  

Jonas Kristoferson - lead vocals
Jens Lindstrom - guitar, vocals
Eric Lindstrom - bass, programming
Ivan Kresgen - drums
Leslie Wheat - keyboards (2000-03)