FUTURE/HISTORY: A History of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner | Potential Future Social Practice Projects (2010) was a collaborative lecture/performance developed and executed with Michael Reinsch. After submitting a different proposed lecture to Portland State University's Open Engagement Conference on Social Practice, we instead created this absurdist presentation and delivered it at a panel session called "A History and Critique of Social Practice."

Dressed in matching denim shirts and tan trousers, we microwaved dozens of bowls of Easy Mac and served them continuously in styrofoam bowls to the audience (only one of whom, artist Mark Dion, actually ate). While creating the dishes, we randomly changed through the slides which featured blatantly racist and socially irresponsible twists on existing Social Practice works while also narrating our own performance anxiety to the audience. At the conclusion of the piece, we had to sit on a panel with two art critics and talk about Social Practice's role in contemporary art - which we deserved.