HOBART EPSTEIN (2007) was a character that I developed right before leaving Phoenix, AZ to move to Portland, OR for graduate school. Epstein, a Hasidic Jew from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, was the self-proclaimed "largest collector of coyote artwork in the southwestern United States." Along with his bodyguard/secratary/curatorial assistant El Santo (photographer Aaron Abbott), Epstein managed to prank call dozens of Phoenix-based visual artists, curators, and collectors after illegally obtaining Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's contact list, inviting them to participate in his Coyote Art Swap Meet at the Roosevelt Bar. 

The event was staged without permission of the Roosevelt, although numerous posters announcing the event were wheatpasted all over the neighborhood surrounding it. Upon arrival, Epstein and El Santo were immediately kicked out while trying to kick-off the swap meet. After then moving to another bar nearby, the swap meet commenced and artists traded coyote-themed works and sipped Mojitos, Epstein's signature drink.