JOSEPH'S BOYZ (2010) was a shamanic fraternity brotherhood formed by artists Matthew Clifford Green, Eric Gibbons, Michael Reinsch, and Sean Joseph Patrick Carney. Their debut (and only) performance took place in April of 2010 as the first performance in Appendix Project Space's annex Hay Batch! 

The BOYZ backed a BMW Mini Cooper Zipcar through the Last Thursday Art Fair on NE Alberta Street, blocking pedestrians and street performers, then backed it down a cramped alley leading to Appendix through the audience. Upon reaching the end of the alley, the BOYZ constructed a large wall of hay bales, blocking the audience from the remainder of the performance. A memorial effigy for Joseph Beuys was played on a trumpet, followed by a drum tribute that culminated with the firing of a glow stick into the audience. The trumpet, drum, and car horn then began an improvised jazz composition as bags of organic produce and more glow sticks were hurled at the audience over the wall. When the audience retaliated and began to pitch the items back, one of the BOYZ ascended the hay wall and set fire to a Canadian flag.

Upon completion of the performance, the BOYZ met with a Tarot card reader inside of a luminous sculpture at Appendix who gave them insight into their individual futures. It would be predicted by the Tarot reader that they would never work together again. She was like 50% correct.